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"I'm not sure what I expected when I got there but I know one thing.... It exceeded anything I could of imagined....." ~Adam (mid 30's) in Charlotte Jan 2013

“She is a breath of fresh air when it comes to providers…. If you want a provider that will treat you warmly and respect you as a man then you need to make an appointment! I have never felt more energetic and invigorated since I was in my 20s… I will definitely go see her again due to the way she cared for me… She will shower you with love and affection like no other woman can. Read on to find out what makes her different from typical rub and tug providers….“ ~CHUCKKERN on The Erotic Review, August 2013

Hi, I'm Summer! If you're looking for something beyond a common "body-rub", or the typical escort encounter that often leaves you feeling cheap and used, consider Tantra. Unlike many providers, your experience with me will be genuine and real. I screen thoroughly, and see only 2-3 clients per day so you get 100% of me.

Our time together will be an oasis for you, a special and delicious experience in the midst of your stressful world. You spend your days working hard and making things happen. Now is the time to lay back, and receive Love.

You deserve it, and it’s truly my pleasure!

"Ultimately, I had what I think is described as the full body orgasm....beginning low at my prostate or abdominal floor radiating up through my abdomen a warm and cool sensation simultaneously with tingling that radiated upward through my chest reaching around to my shoulder blades and then up the sides of my neck and made my scalp tingle.Then the tears began, and a feeling of release. Tears from where, or over what, I don’t know. At one point I felt like I was being raised from the mat, like hundreds of individual fingers of energy or light outlining my entire body were lifting me, there were no specific pressure points but points of energy or light that were suspending me. As we began to end our session rather than being tired, empty, and drained, I felt rejuvenated, energized, even exhilarated. ~Walt, late 50's, in Atlanta, July 2013

During your Tantra session, my focus will be on nurturing your beautiful heart and opening up your body for more aliveness and Love. We will connect body to body on several occasions inside a sacred space of reverence and deep respect. You will learn to open your heart with the divine feminine in a way that has immediate relevancy in your life and with your chosen female partner.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please read over my website, and complete my online application.

NOTE: The "bad" review from June was a client who misrepresented his intentions before arriving, and clearly wanted a different experience that the one I now offer. Several statements on his reviews are blatant lies which he was only willing to edit if I paid him or gave him a free session. I have been unsuccessful in having this review removed. Please read my most recent reviews so you are clear on my service.


“I have awakened after 4 hours of sleep feeling so young and invigorated! I had no idea what you would do for me, but I am amazed at the power of the love I experienced. Thank you deeply! I have wanted to feel that for so long. I live in a barren waste land of emotion most of the time, and I feel like you have shown me the “emerald city” for the very first time. It is remarkable, and has moved to tears as I try to write this. I can’t really describe the gratitude I have for the experience you gave me.” ~H.M.(mid 50's) in Tennessee, May 2013

“You didn’t ask, but I am so impressed that you have shown such love and respect for me as a man. I have never been treated with such respect! I love you for what you have done for me.”
~Henry (mid 50's) in Chattanooga, May 2013

“I wanted to say what a great time I had with you the other evening. The whole experience was very powerful for me, and I not only loved the wonderful attention, but also your warmth and patience. I learned a lot in just a short time, and also realize I have a long way to go. :) I hope we can schedule another time soon and we can continue our work.”
~Michael (early 40's) in Atlanta, July 2013

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