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Kendall Banks · (470)538 1802 · Atlanta Escort

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Upscale. Sensual. Erotic. Pleasurable.

Imagine.. me rubbing down your entire body with coconut oil..

I'll ask you to lie on your stomach, face down first, only a small towel in between your body and mine. I'll be wearing one of my silky kimono's, but it will slip my mind to tie the front. You still will be face down so you will not know it is open until I slide my hands firmly up your back.. transitioning to my forearms so I can get deep into your hard shoulder and back muscles.. when i get to your shoulders you can feel my cheast on you now. When I command you to flip to your back you're already excited as i gently massage your inner thighs, working my way to your hips, and kneading into your breast muscle and slide my hands down your arm muscles.. while lightly scratching my freshly manicured nails down your lower arms to your fingertips. You shiver with excitement all while you are getting this view.. of my piercing and seductive eyes.. looking up at you now from big pillowy eyelashes. Now shall we begin?.......

Please, feel free to contact me.. I love sensuality.. I love sexuality.. I think it is an art to make someone feel connection without the exchanging of fluids. I crave connection through subtle gestures.. in the way we lock eyes, the way we touch.. I think the real connection starts when you lock eyes deeply, linger in the grip of hug just a little longer, the way another person inhales your fragrance that's mixed with your warm masculine scent.. the look on your face when I entertain you with an array of variety that you didn't know was quite possible..

If you want to contact me about this ad please do so by visiting my website..


Kendall Banks

TER ID: 325577

Email address: 
Phone Number: 
(470)538 1802

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