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Ashlie Nicole · (470)310-3311 · Atlanta Escort

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The Ultimate Vixen

Hello, I'm Ashlie Nicole from Atlanta, the petite, 5'7", 120 lb., blue-eyed blonde complimented with a curvy frame, who is considered the ultimate vixen. I'm sure you're wondering why "the ultimate vixen". It's been said that a pretty smile gets you in the door, but a pretty attitude keeps you in the house! Besides my exceptionally captivating physical attributes, I would say my magnetic personality is one of my best qualities. I'm like the girl next door with a sweet face containing a naughty element. I am very down to earth, but as I've been told, a better word to describe me is genuine. I have a playful side, but also can hold an intelligent conversation on many aspects. I'm comfortable in any social setting due to my easy going and adventurous nature. I've always been open-minded; and I've traveled to over a dozen countries, which has allowed me to have a broader perspective of life. There's a saying that I like, "I'm too much of a cat to be called a kitten".

As I mentioned, I've traveled abroad; I've also lived overseas. I grew up in the country with southern roots, but moved to Atlanta a decade ago. Living various lifestyles has given me a great sense of the world and myself. I must admit my life experiences coupled with my natural interpersonal skills have provided me the certainty to be the perfect companion for an unforgettable experience. Like I said, I have an innocent face and a good heart, but I definitely have a wild side. Starting to get a glimpse of why "the ultimate vixen"?

I do have a lot of life experiences, but my curiosity has pushed me to crave knowledge and possess a desire for learning. I plan to continue my studies in January 2018 to complete my engineering degree. I also love to cook. I like to try new recipes and have such an appetite for authentic flavors. I would consider myself a foodie. I'm very health conscious and usually choose natural or organic if it's available, but I still love a good fast food burger!

So, if you've been looking for the ultimate vixen, then continue on to my gallery to see for yourself!

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